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Heart is the core of all being, so why not take care of it in the best possible way.

People, in general, are more aware of the everyday health and wellbeing of themselves but most of the time forget to take care of the most important organ of the body: the heart. We are here to support you in the journey of taking care of your heart.

With the increase in health problems these days, heart care is the most crucial one and it is mandatory to keep yourself informed in all possible aspects of heart health. Heartathon is an informative platform where you can access all the information about taking good care of the heart and making sure that the heart performs at its best all throughout your life.

At Heartathon, we aim to provide you with all the well-researched information about heart health so that all the aspects of heart care can be easily dealt with.

Take care of the heart by keeping yourself up to date with all the information about heart. 

Explore all heart-related issues and the possible ways to overcome them with Heartathon.

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